Monday, May 13, 2013

About this...

I am a computer system engineer with several years of experience working in software development. I work as java developer for a company and as part-time independent consultant.
A few days ago, a client asked me to configure eclipse for remote debugging an applet. I accepted the job thinking that it would be a trivial task. After all, I have done this before some years ago. To my surprise, the task was not easy at all. I spent like seven hours (three nights) to finally be able to make it work.
This is not the first time I waste hours trying to solve something I have already solved in the past. Very often, I have to do something, I find the way to complete it, and I am happy with the result. But sometime later the same task appears, and I don’t remember how I solved it. Then I waste time googling for information that somehow is in my head.
This blog has the purpose of helping me to remember how I solved some problems I have faced with different technologies like: Java, PHP, Oracle, etc. And I hope this will also help others to find answers.
I don’t consider myself a tech “guru”, so probably my solutions are not the perfect ones. If you want to comment on a solution feel free to do it. If you have questions, please ask them. If there is something I can help, I will.

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